First Roth IRA is the only IRA account that allows you to receive your contributions and the increase of the contributed¹ amounts free of income tax once you reach the age of 60.

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Additional income to your Social Security or other retirement benefit plans once you qualify1


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Opening deposit of $500


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Quarterly account statements


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Annual summary


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Annual contributions are not deductible on your income tax return 


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Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is subject to maintaining the deposited amount in the account until maturity


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Withdrawals made before maturity are subject to penalties2



Ready to apply?

Make sure you have the following documents readily available before applying.


In addition to your Social Security card, you will also need one valid ID with photo issued by the Government of Puerto Rico, such as:



  • Driver's license

  • Passport

  • Military ID

  • Government ID

With these documents in hand, apply here.


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Enjoy a Visa Infinite debit card with the Preferente account.

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Cuenta UNO has no minimum balance.

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Secure your holiday expenses with the Christmas Club account.



The First Roth IRA account is an individual retirement account that allows you to receive your contributions tax free once you have reached the age of 60.


The IRA and CD accounts both allow you to save money for your future. The IRA gives you a tax benefit. The CD account is a deposit account with a defined term.


An IRA account allows you to save money for retirement, thus complementing your Social Security income.  In addition, it gives you a tax benefit.

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Member FDIC. Only for residents of Puerto Rico. FirstBank offers you several IRAs and investment alternatives. You have the right to obtain detailed information to determine which is the most convenient. 1 Subject to the distribution provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Consult your tax or financial advisor. 2Penalties for early withdrawal: 1-year Roth IRA: 3 months of interest; 3-year Roth IRA, 6 months of accrued interest or the total of accrued and/or paid interest, whichever is less on the principal amount of the interest rate the IRA has been at since its opening or last renewal, whichever occurred last. Minimum opening deposit and minimum balance to obtain APY on 1 and 3-year Roth IRAs: $500. Compound interest is credited quarterly to the account. Transfer fee to another institution: $50. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. Opening deposit, APY, and penalties may vary depending on the term of the Roth IRA. Refer to product disclosures provided at account opening. OCIF Lic. # 31.

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